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Finding the Right Level


Level 1 is the perfect introduction to the keyboard for young beginners (ages 5-7). Students are introduced to reading music off the staff and immediately begin playing familiar tunes. In addition, students learn the fundamentals of keyboard geography, finger numbers, dynamics, rhythm, and healthy technique.


Level 2 is the starting point for older beginners (ages 8+). In this level students will master note reading on the staff (in middle C/home position and C position) by playing simple melodies hands separately and together. Lessons also emphasize ear training, sight reading and improvisation.


Students in level 3 are ready for more complex, hands-together playing, and will begin playing pieces from the Baroque and Classical period. Additionally, students are introduced to sharps and flats, phrasing, articulation, chords and reading lead sheets.


Level 4 expands students’ versatility at the piano by introducing several new 5-finger patterns/hand positions.  Students will love playing fun songs they can sing along to, as well as more sophisticated classics in a variety of keys. As always, ear training, sight reading and improvisation are a key part of lessons.


Students in level 5 will master full-octave scales and I, IV, V7 chords in several keys, and integrate them into more advanced repertoire.  In addition to classical pieces and folk songs, students will learn the blues scale and form. 


In level 6 students’ knowledge of primary chords is expanded to play in a variety of patterns: broken chords, waltz pattern and Alberti bass. Students this level will focus on form, artistry and technical facility. 

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